The cutest NFTs you'll own.

8888 of the most adorable, unique and thoughtfully created lunar zodiac characters waiting to meet you. We’re here to advocate for emerging creatives and be a sanctuary to all that love our culture.
Welcome to Zodiac Friends.

Our Story.

Our vision is to be a home to Asian individuals, artists and allies all around the world. We’re so happy that you’re here with us.

Zodiac Friends tell the story of ‘The Great Race’, a famous Asian fable told to generations of children every Lunar New Year. The Ruler of The Heavens, The Jade Emperor, wanted to come up with a way to devise time. To do this, he organized a race and deemed that the first 12 animals to make it across a river would have a place on the Zodiac calendar. The order of this would be determined by their placing in the race.


Zodiac Friends Mission

Road Map


  • The Great Race Begins: Get in the race for ethereum and Zodiac Friend prizes. Join our Discord to stay tuned!

20% (DOING)

  • 2% of all sales donated to the first charity chosen by our community.


  • 4% of total sales added to the Zodiac Friends Fund (ZFF) to be reinvested into emerging artists in the NFT space.
  • 2% of all sales donated to the second charity chosen by our community.
  • Free framed prints to be given away to our most active and loyal members.
  • Additional 4% of total sales added to ZFF to be reinvested into emerging artists in the NFT space.
  • Launch of our Merch Store. Show off your characters in style.
  • Land purchased in the metaverse for Zodiac Friends Art Gallery to display and promote Asian Art.
  • 2% of all sales donated to the third charity chosen by our community.
  • 2% of all sales donated to the fourth charity chosen by our community.
  • Additional 4% of total sales added to ZFF to be reinvested into emerging artists in the NFT space.
  • Start the development of Zodiac Friends Art Gallery in the metaverse dedicated to showcasing our collection of artworks.
  • Collaboration and project initiatives start. We will work with various artists and projects to further bring long-term value to our community. Zodiac Friends Holders will receive exclusive access.

Zodiac Friends Ownership Benefits

Receive royalties

A third of royalties from recurring sales will be put into the Pool of Fortune. This will be distributed back to the community through raffles and giveaways.

Have Your Say On Art Purchasing

Each month, holders have the opportunity to submit pieces of art for Zodiac Friends holders to vote on. The art with the highest votes will be purchased by using 12% of initial sales for the Zodiac Friends art gallery (up to 0.3Ξ each piece).

Derivative works + commercial rights
You will have ownership rights to your art and the freedom to create and sell derivative works.
Receive art investment profits

25% of profits from activities of our art gallery (whether by realized increase in art value, licensing, etc.) will be put into the Pool of Fortune.

Be part of an ever-growing community
Be a part of an empowering community that grows only as you grow. Zodiac Friends is nothing without its community and that will always be at the core of our values. Let’s join arms and together push for authentic representation and empowerment of Asian artists and individuals.
Exclusive Access to Future Collaborations and Partnerships
We’re focused on building a long-term sustainable community. Post launch, the team will continue to work hard and execute plans in the pipeline to create value for holders of Zodiac Friends. Holders will have exclusive access to future collaborations, partnerships and projects.

Our Funds


Zodiac Friends is more than just a release of kawaii characters, we are here to represent a movement towards mass Asian representation and appreciation in the NFT space. To do this, we need to ensure continued projects and longevity. The Zodiac Friends Fund is established to have resources to fund future projects, art purchases and collaboration under the Zodiac Friends brand. We will be reinvesting a third of royalties from recurring sales, along with 55% of profits from art ventures back into this fund.


All Zodiac Friends will have equal opportunity to receive royalties and profits from ventures. A third of royalties from recurring sales, and 25% of profits from art ventures will be put into this fund. This will be distributed out to Zodiac Friends holders through raffles and giveaways.

Charities We Believe In

We will donate to Asian based charities around the world that our community cares about. We have a #charity-voting channel in our Discord so that our community can choose the four charities that speak to them the most. Join our discord now to share your voice!

Meet the Team

(Creator, NFT Enthusiast, Earth Tiger)

(Creator, NFT Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Fire-Rat)

Egg Chen
(Artist, Wood Rat)

Josh Ong
(Zodiac Friends Advisor, Water Pig)

(Smart Contracts Developer, Fire Rabbit)

(Community Manager, Wood Dog)

(Community Manager, Wood Dog)

(Front-end Web Developer, Earth Snake)

How to Mint

Step 1

Get some ETH
You can purchase ETH on any centralized exchange such as Binance or Coinbase. You can view a tutorial on purchasing ETH here.

Step 2

Set up Metamask and transfer ETH
Set up a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask. This will be used to hold ETH and mint your Zodiac Friend when the time comes. You can view how to do so here.

Step 3

Transfer ETH to your Metamask

You will need to transfer the ETH purchased on your exchange to the Metamask wallet. The simplest way to do so can be viewed for Binance here and Coinbase here.

Step 4

Connect Metamask to our site and mint on the release date
On release day, connect your Metamask to our website via the Chrome extension (or the Metamask app on mobile). We recommend using the Chrome Extension as this provides for the smoothest user experience. Visit the mint section on our website and press ‘mint’ to initiate the connection.

Mint Your Friend

Please, install MetaMask extention to continue.

Please connect your wallet to continue.

Your transaction is processing, please wait...

An error occured while retrieving your account balance.

The contract instance failed to build.

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You don't have enough ETH.

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There is not enough Zodiac Friend left!

You can't mint a fraction of a Zodiac Friend.

Please, enter a valid number of Zodiac Friend.

You rejected the request.

There was an error while getting current supply of Zodiac Friend.

Something went wrong, the transaction couldn't be processed.

Congratulations! You just caught a Zodiac Friend!

There are only 8,888 Friends left

  • ERC-721 Contract Stored On IPFS
  • 8888 unique Zodiac Friends (8880 Animals + 8 Super Rare Jade Emperors)
  • 80 reserved for creators and giveaways (including 1 Jade Emperor for giveaway)
  • 0.07Ξ Mint price
  • Fair distribution, no bonding curves
Minting is live, please check in your MetaMask or TrustWallet browser to mint a Zodiac Friend.

You will pay 0.0 ETH + gas for this transaction.